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Modern  brand  specialization  globalization
       Kangzheng pharmaceutical is the world's leading manufacturer of external medicine, formerly known as wuhan pharmaceutical factory branch. Born in the strategic area of the rise of central China, it was acquired and established by zhejiang kangtai group in 2001.
       The headquarters of the group is located in taizhou, zhejiang, the most dynamic city in the Yangtze river delta.
       Under the group: kangtai company、kangzheng pharmaceutical company、kangzheng biotechnology company、pharmaceutical company、 import and export company and investment in a number of fields.
       Kangzheng pharmaceutical marketing center is located on the 20th floor, block B, Madison square, hanyang district, wuhan.
       Sales network throughout the country, products cover southeast Asia、Africa、Latin America and other global 30 countries and regions.
       Kangzheng pharmaceutical has a group of high-quality technical personnel, with independent research and development capacity. Developed gel, external and human gene research and innovation ability, is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the government
       To create the best quality、 the most complete variety、the best price of the brand. Now we have: gel、cream (including hormone)、ointment、enema、 liniment、ear drops、nasal drops、 eye drops.
       Kangzheng pharmaceutical has a number of production bases, with modern production workshops, advanced production equipment, precision inspection and testing instruments. Kangzheng pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is committed to providing safe, effective and high-quality products to customers all over the world.
       The group has more than 600 employees, including more than 200 with bachelor's degree or above, and more than 60 with intermediate or above titles, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of medicine and related products.
       Since its foundation, the group has always insisted to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, integrity". And to the principle of justice, fairness, to employees and challenging policy platform.